Sanitation & Disinfection Cleaning Services

White Knight Facilities staff are completely prepared in pandemic COVID-19 tidy up, sterilization, and safe cleaning rehearses. We give effective, quality sterilization that meet Health and Safety necessities, and practice control by wearing the proper PPE for the work.
Trend setting innovation For Sanitization
White Knight Facilities is giving the following degree of cleaning, utilizing imaginative innovation to handle the present sterilization challenges. With conventional disinfection, when another microorganism is presented it is alive except if the territory is cleaned once more. This winds up being all the more expensive as sterilization is required day by day. On the off chance that there is a disease episode, the zone would require extra sterilization. With another item from Zoono®, White Knight Facilities can splash your office just once every month, as Zoono® stays dynamic on surfaces after application; disposing of 99.9% of microorganisms for up to 30 days*.

  • Touchless Application
  • Portability
  • Easy to operate
  • Quick and Effective

Sanitizing & Disinfectant

Victory Back Pack
Victory Professional Cordless Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer is intended to permit the expert to conceal to 23,000 square feet on a solitary tank of liquid (inclusion per tank is controlled by inner testing utilizing stream rate and molecule size)

Victory Hand Held Gun
Our Professional Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer permits the client long periods of showering time without the issue of hauling a line. Furthermore, it is intended to spare time and work, splash less fluid, and spread more surfaces.

Electrostatic Spray Gun
Electrostatic splashing is a progressive innovation for cleansing applications. During the splashing cycle, the electrostatically charged beads make an electric field that permits the drops to hold fast to the outside of any article.

ULV Spray Gun
Ultra low volume (ULV) misting machines are cold hazing machines that utilization huge volumes of air at low weights to change fluid into beads that are scattered into the climate

Cordless Battery Operated Pumps
High weight cordless battery fueled pressure driven siphons are ideal for occupations that require a mix of convenience and security. These cordless siphons are ideal for far off areas without admittance to control

Vital Oxide
Vital Oxide, our debut item, is an EPA-enlisted clinic disinfectant cleaner, shape and buildup executioner, and scent eliminator. With its prepared to-utilize equation intended to be delicate to clients yet intense on germs

Chapin 63924 4 Gallon Cap
24-volt Lithium Ion battery for up to 2 hours of continuous spraying
Sprays up to 58 gallons on a single charge
4-gallon tank
6″ wide mouth funnel for easy filling and cleaning
3-stage filtration system with in-tank removable filter to prevent clogging
Deluxe padded shoulder straps for hours of comfortable spraying
Offers 35-40 PSI with a 20-22-foot maximum horizontal spray stream and up to 32-foot vertical spray stream
Santoprene seals in the pump offer maximum chemical resistance.